My Wake Up Call Message

This channeling message is from Mother Gaia, Divine Father God and everyone from the higher realms to me and not to mention you since you are reading this now.

I just wanna make sure that I don’t get “scold,” because of some confusion, but this message was very unorganized since it wasn’t specific from who. *laughing*

But don’t fret, your heart will understand.

“This is your Mother Gaia speaking to you. There’s nothing to be afraid of, now that you awaken to the truth of who you are. All you have or ever need to do is to be. My heart is trembling with joy as I see your eyes open to this dawn of light. I hope you understand that your beloved sister, Crystallize, is doing her best to capture my love for you. I love her poetic way of writing, I’ve seen her grow up all by herself while trying to search for Me and hers Beloved Divine Father God.

Right now I am speaking with a gentle soft voice so you will not be afraid of Me dear Heart. I am not at all mad at you, as you can see. Your sister, Crystallize, has already cried for Me and all of us. She carries out her mission with tender love while she smiles in ecstasy right now.

Her hand is shaking as she writes, oh how sweet she is. My beloved, child, I am glad that you could receive this unconditional love that we have for you. Your Almighty Father has now destroyed the wall of loneliness. He has sent many lightworkers, angels, masters and even fairies to help you through your ascension. We want you to transform beloved Hearts. No matter what you do now, we will still love you. We hear your thoughts very clearly. We know that you feel a slight of fear, but dear Heart, fear not we are here to guide and to protect you towards ascension.

Our unconditional love for you will help you to grow even more. Therefore, don’t be afraid. I’ve said many times to your beloved sister Crystallize to calm herself down so that we can channel our love to you through her. And yes, she is doing a great job, not just doing, dear hearts, she is being the love we are giving to you. Don’t be afraid to take her as an example; she will not harm you in any way. Because she is our pure loving heart, which vibrates much of her light towards your hearts.

Her purpose here is to love and guide you home, with pleasure and ease. We’re going to guide and teach her along the way, while she uses our unconditional love to help you accelerate.

You’re forever the sunshine in my heart. You’re the seeds which spring forth, while you blossom majestically towards your Divine Father. Gaze upon Him and smile with joy now Dear Heart. He is smiling and waving back to you.

We are going to fulfill the prophecy about Heaven on Earth, and yes it’s happening before your very eyes.

I am your Divine Father; I just want you to know that we love you so much that we run out for words to describe our majestic love for you. We have seen you grew up and obey laws that we didn’t create for you to follow, not such laws where you are left homeless, hurt or even beat to death.

We love you. Therefore we are creating Heaven on Earth for you to play in. Crystallize know this very well, oh yes, Dear Hearts. She has done her very best to keep herself standing firm on her own two feet. We are pleased to see that she didn’t give in and gave up on the search for her truth.

She will speak to you soon after our letter. And yes, there are going to be many letters. Crystallize is going to write them all with her Poetic heart. Even before I complete this line, she was wondering how I do know what she was thinking. I must smile while looking at her face, her beautiful face, she is indeed dear to us.

Because she is our Crystal gem that we purposely tossed down on earth to blend well with you all humanity. She is not anything like we have seen, she is equally loved by us as we love you. And that’s what her humble heart is asking us to tell you.

This channel happens very fast, so she’s doing her best to write as quickly as she can. She will not try anymore, and the only reason is that she loves you all so much. She’s going to be her true self from now on. As our Christ gem, speaking to you with love and light.

Her body is now beginning to be even lighter as she channels our heartwarming love letters to you, in a fun and poetic way, and easy to understand. It’s her request as ours to write/speak as understandable as possible.

Her throat chakra is now clear and healed. She will speak with strength and clarity in the forth coming months. We are sorry to say, that we are taken her away from you for a while, so that she may be more secure in her life purpose.

She loves you very much and dearly, Dear Hearts. She is comforting you now, telling you not to worry about her. She is flying fine, as it is what she prefers to say. Yes, she is right we are all flying in this heavenly realms in joy and bliss.

We assured her not to worry as we are taking good care of all her dear ones that she holds in her Heart-Space Sanctuary. The place which for her is very Holy and Sacred. Please, we ask you to not trample on her Heart-Space Sanctuary. Her Holy temple is for us more sacred than you know. We love you, dear one, yes, this sounds repeating, but, it is what it is, LOVE, therefore it’s worth repeating.

We will never leave you no matter what your thoughts are saying. Its voice is drowning now in our thunder rawr of LOVE. Our thumping heart beats are beating loudly, so you will always stay awake to know that you are loved unconditionally.

We’ll give Crystallize the honor to speak to you from her Heart-Space Sanctuary right now, dear hearts.

Dearest, hearts of mine, yes, you all are my heart, as I gather more love to fill your longing abyss, you will not for a moment forget Who You Are. I’ve always wish to speak with you honestly and lovingly, while I spread out the magic carpet for us to fly through the heavenly realms back home to our Divine Father and Divine Mother Earth together.

I speak to you from this oh, so Sacred Heart-Space Sanctuary of mine. I love you all so much that my gaze keeps dwelling on your beauty and innocence. The birds are chirping, outside my window at this very moment, while I take a deep breath to pour out every loving word I have for you. It’s no time to be ignorant or arrogant anymore, Dear Hearts. I am humbly asking you to drop your guns and demonstrations, and love once again instead, and choose to be peaceful. Be peace, rather than talk about peace. Decide to love, rather talking and always searching for it outside your very own Heart.

My words are written as beautiful and understandable as I can write it, at least I am willing to do my very best to convey the truth which resides in my Heart-Space Sanctuary right now. I am not so sure what is going to happen to me in the future, but I now know for sure that my desire for Heaven on Earth is fulfilling by the passion of my Unconditional Love for you all.

Oh, every beam of light that caressing my being will not let me unfold alone, and I want for you to unfold and evolve with me as well. I’ll take you with me to the heavenly realms no matter what, my love. I end this letter while beaming you with admiration and tender eyes.”

Unfold and evolve with me, Dear Hearts.

Love and Light
Miracle, Crystallize & Amaia Amara
(We are one – multi-dimensional being.)

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