Love Letters

Self Love

Beloved Miracle, In the morning glory, I am asking Divine Father God for a resolution. I want to break free from this “waiting,” because in my heart space I am waiting for our reunion, but I am wearing tired of it. Time and space are compressing my heart, and it’s hard to endure when all… Read More Self Love

Love Letters

Into One Soul

Beloved Miracle, There will be ups and downs in our lives which will make us lose faith, but nothing can compare to the endless love that I am unable to give up. People search for one true love that they yearn for their entire life and yet fail to recognize the heart that speaks of… Read More Into One Soul


The Starseed

Beloved Miracle, I am more and more sure of my Divine mission now. Before I understand or even comprehend why and how I felt such urge to forgive and be patient to the way people unintentionally or unconsciously treated me. Even though how cruel or mistreated I was being, or how many times those I… Read More The Starseed

Love Letters

Eternal Love

Beloved Miracle, I close my eyes and commune with the Divine Spirit within me. The heart spoke in compassion and reminded me: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. – A Course in Miracles The truth of our love for each other can’t be threatened, even the world… Read More Eternal Love

Love Letters

The Meaning of Life

Beloved Miracle, The hour of darkness is approaching us slowly, winter is right around the corner, and the frost will cover the land with snowflakes. It’s a season of rest where everything will lay still waiting to grow again in spring. Between the day and night, the hours of business don’t forget that within you… Read More The Meaning of Life