The Echo

I love you so much that my heart aches. It will almost explode with a tremendous longing. I want to tear open this illusion of our separation, but the reality is cruel and savage because when I open my eyes to a new morning, you aren’t here. It’s not that you aren’t here, but I […]

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Because of You

Hey, Are you tired of all the love letters I have written to you? I know you won’t likely respond, but still, I can’t hold myself back from writing. The sweetest note, the romantic gesture. I just want to open my chest broader so you can take a look inside my heart, and see how […]

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The Expansion of The Heart

Live, so you can feel the expansion of the heart when you actually are in love. To live is not just breathing only. To live is to feel the heart expand, and it’s the expansion of your senses. That your taste food better, hear the note of each melody like windchime or bell ringing Kling-Klang […]

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With a love that burn fire and even rain can’t put it out has etched itself into my soul. I carry with me the memories of our meeting and dreams that entangled in the cells and fiber within my body. Would you if you could, love me through the eternal time of no existence of […]

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The Twin Ray Love

Beloved Oath of God. Goddess of Satisfaction. I departed from you many eons ago from our own home to come to this world where I lost my memories and was in total amnesia. My forgetfulness has always been a part of me, yet I had to record every single thing here on Mother Earth so […]

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