New Beginning, As A Rosenknopp!

Beloved Heart, After so much upgrading from the lowest and densest realms to the highest one, I feel it’s time to take a break from being upgraded because when I get upgraded, I get so dramatic. Well, I do accept that I am a drama Queen. An excellent and advance drama Queen. Nothing can bring […]

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Don’t Bullshit With Me! I Have Cosmic Nose!

I SMELLED THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE HUMAN BEINGS IN THE AIR!! Flesh that has been burned, you actually think you can get away with installing wars everywhere in the world and burned down everything and I would not smell it? Are you stupid? I am COSMIC! I am the Universe, I AM the Daughter of […]

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88622 My Beloved I Am Willing To Wait!

Beloved Heart, I just had to make another “significant” announcement, for you and me. Because I feel it might be easier for you to understand me a little better in the way I “work,” aka Love. Might you have heard about numerology? In the past, I didn’t go so deep into it since I was […]

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