Because of You

Hey, Are you tired of all the love letters I have written to you? I know you won’t likely respond, but still, I can’t hold myself back from writing. The sweetest note, the romantic gesture. I just want to open my chest broader so you can take a look inside my heart, and see how […]

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How Do I Let Go?

Beloved, With all my frustration I don’t know what else to do but to slowly letting go and as much as I want the gap between us to shorten and with the interlude of our heartbeats I still hope it will beat in unison someday. I either sleep too much or stay up all night; […]

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I Count My Blessings

So by the hands, I count my blessings. I want to be like my Divinely Father who has everything and thus needs nothing from me or anyone else. I count my blessings because I am far richer than most. I have a bed and a comfortable blanket. I have food on the table and money […]

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Fountain of Love

Somewhere I belong to the desert land, anywhere else I can’t find the thirst to understand what love is. Because love is like water, it’s so rare in the desert that it makes me more grateful when I finally find the fountain within myself. If I lost myself and my heart, I’ll not bow down […]

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Upon The Throne, I Sit.

Beloved Hearts, I felt that it might be appropriate to enlighten you on what personal inner vibration is and how I master my personal inner vibration. I don’t want to go so deep into it since there are already heaps of articles out there on how to raise your vibration. Many of you might have […]

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The Waiting of The Star Child

Beloved Ryder, The choices I make daily now is for the sake of our glorious future. It hasn’t been easy in the past because I had to play a role as the weakest one and concealed my power and abilities. The Divine mission I am carrying out is too important for everyone involved that I […]

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