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The Creation of A New Life

Since Tuesday the 26th of February, the solar storm hit me hard! I could feel the emotions of stress and anxiety about money resurfaced, but it wasn’t my own but the entire collective consciousness of humanity. There were a few gloomy news about people being trick by con artists and story about stolen identities floating… Read More The Creation of A New Life

Love Letters

Self Love

Beloved Miracle, In the morning glory, I am asking Divine Father God for a resolution. I want to break free from this “waiting,” because in my heart space I am waiting for our reunion, but I am wearing tired of it. Time and space are compressing my heart, and it’s hard to endure when all… Read More Self Love

Love Letters

A Loving Reminder

Beloved Miracle, Whether you know it or not, being in a condition of self-destructive thoughts are harming and I know this to be true because I struggle to love myself unconditionally. As a sentient being, I am aware of the depth of my own emotions, and surprisingly it affects you as well. It doesn’t matter… Read More A Loving Reminder