One Heart Beat Away

Beloved Ryder, People usually say; “If they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best.” But I know I don’t feel like I deserve you or your love if I meet you at my worst. I couldn’t handle myself at my worst, how was I suppose to expect you to […]

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The Completeness Of Oneness

Beloved Ryder, Before I even comprehend what it meant to have a twin flame I was very perplexed at how I didn’t understand your feelings that time. But it was also because I was wounded and hurt myself, and I could only see from the way my ego perceived your actions and words with fear. […]

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My Vow To The Eternal Love of Oneness

Beloved Ryder, Love goes beyond any common sense. I vowed to myself that no reason or logic is more important than love. Every day fills with joy, and my heart overflows with love. My eyes see nothing but love, and my mind thinks of nothing but love. In darkness there is light, and when there’s […]

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The Waiting of The Star Child

Beloved Ryder, The choices I make daily now is for the sake of our glorious future. It hasn’t been easy in the past because I had to play a role as the weakest one and concealed my power and abilities. The Divine mission I am carrying out is too important for everyone involved that I […]

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Lady Seraphim Entrust Her Desire To Father God

Beloved Father God, From the time I was a teenager, I felt for the first time compassion for a murder I saw on the news. I had a knowing he had suffered too, and because from a human aspect, he didn’t know what he was doing. His soul chose to experience how to be a […]

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The Unspoken Words of The Seraphim

Beloved Ryder, After being on this dense and solid place since the beginning of time, I’ve become so wary and could no longer tolerate how people think and behave. There’s not much love here, but so much fear and anger. Time after time I confronted people in my life with a question or my truth […]

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