Her Presence

I adore her. I don’t know if she knows that I see her with admiration. I love the way she presents herself. She is quite young but wise for her age. There is something about her that I can’t tell. She’s a rebel and unique without being over the top. Oh, don’t take me wrong, […]

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The End of The Chase

Beloved Divine Mother, Miracle, I thought I would never love someone as I love you. The constant search for you had made me blind to the fact that you were always near enough for me to feel every inch of you. You’re so tangible, and I didn’t know that you were so fragile until I […]

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Under The Night Sky of Sparkling Stars

The Eye of Prince called out to his beloved sister Amaia, while she let Crystallize express the enchanting song through her, she and the Eye of Prince met once again under the night sky full of sparkling stars. – The Eye of Prince: ((((((((((Amaia))))))))))) “Princess of the Blazin Orion.” Crystallize: “Aah, Eye of Prince!!” The Eye […]

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