I Am Pleased

For each passing day, I am still in love, for each passing day I am still breathing. I mourn for our goodbye, and I wait for our hello with a future I can’t behold. Without you who am I then? Without you, I am nothing but pain and aches. You have a life without me, […]

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Because You Care

I am awake tonight and smoke my lungs black. The distress of a chaotic world with no hope to survive the morning has made me want to kill myself slowly. Cigarettes and coffee are the remedies for my hopeless dream of fairy tale and romance. They both are dark of promises of death. I die […]

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Just Deeply In Love

I don’t know. You have chosen what you have chosen. You don’t need to explain yourself or make excuses. I don’t hope for anything and certainly not promises that you can’t keep. I have wait for your answers, but you are like a quiet mouse roaming around my mind with a voice that murmured through […]

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