There’s still hope if there’s still a breath Don’t die or think of death Tomorrow is still another day You dreams are valid, you must stayDemons may terrorize you into the fearful night, But fear not, you are the light!God’s angels with protecting wings Take courage and sing! For what can the demons doWhen the almighty voice is you!

A Lifetime

A lifetime spent in learning to forget the thing I never had. Yet I remember that which I need to forget.  A lifetime spent in learning to laugh off the sorrow, yet within an instant the tears flow like a river stream. – Some memories are for a lifetime.

No Separation

Eternal has no time; love is its definition.Like the waves can’t be separated from the sand, Love is an inseparable part of what makes everything connect. Separation is only in the eyes,But the heart of two lovers entangle as one knows not of separation.Intertwined Dancing flamesThe sky catches fire As the sunset –It rises infinitely… In eternity. 


Every time you sit there with no one else but yourselfDive deep into that ocean and look for your soulDiamonds and pearls that hide in there are waiting for you Dive deeper, and you will find the most beautifulAnd precious girl you haven’t yet to knowShe is waiting for you with every breath you takeLook…


You rest in forever, and I wander with time.You kept your distance in eternal of frost,I sigh out in silent, because I dare not interrupt …the bear in its sleep. Forever; but time don’t stand still — only the growing of distance stretch longer each day. The gap grow more wider, the abyss too vast. My sigh…

My Destination

Yes, I was bitterangryand even furious.But you must knoweverywhere I godarkness regineonly the moonlightis luminous.I walked through hellin my mind I wastiredin distress.Despite it allmy heartI kept it puremy soula clear consciousness.Battling with all my mightin my worn-out armorhalf beatenblown out.Yet there’s no time to stopI keep walkingI keep going without a doubt—heaven is my…

Dreamy Girl

Dreamy girl, she looked to my side,She looked me in the eyes and told me no lies. I saw her soullonged for arms to hold. Dreamy girl, You are my dreams, the apple of my eye, and you are more precious than any pearl combine. Dreamy girl, when you close your eyesI wonder what goes…

Human Angel

Once upon a time, there was a one-winged angel with a broken heart.She was shot down by an arrow, an arrow of unrequited love.The wound went too deep, and she felt deeply hurt.This one-winged angel, she needs only to love. The arrow broke her heart and dimmed her halo.But still, she kept the arrow with…

Autumn Song

Drip, drop, the raindrops fallOne two threeI sing the melody of our symphony. Splish splash,Our song ripples into the stormDrip, drop, the raindrops fall. Swoosh swooshThe trees are dancing in the breeze of the windWhether it’s summer or winter, I am sticking with you through thick and thin.

Wings of Love

Rainfall, dropped slowly, Sunshine behind the clouds painted the rainbowI trod upon it carefully as not to fall;butterflies fluttered inside me, made my heartswelled, I saw your smile, I fell! But with wings, I was able to fly, a distance far away, but love will carry me to you,whether the storm tear my wings asunder, I will come,…