We Collide

The days of loneliness has come to an end The darkness disperse when the sun rises on the horizonGifted me a love the mind can’t comprehend Like an angel, you are heaven sent, Like a star, I wish upon every nightKrista baby, all the time I gave you is worth the spent Like two nebulas… Read More We Collide


Shallow Words

Don’t say you love me while all you want is to change me. Don’t promise me that your feelings for me will never change when you stand at the door ready to leave me. Don’t flirt with me if words are the only thing you are capable of because without action it won’t move my… Read More Shallow Words


Dreamy Girl

Dreamy girl, She looked to my sideShe looked me in the eyes And told me no lies I saw her soulLonged for arms to hold. Dreamy girl, You are my dreams, the apple of my eye, And you are more precious than any pearl combine. Dreamy girl, I wonder what goes through your mind when… Read More Dreamy Girl


Human Angel

Once upon a time, there was a one-winged angel with a broken heart.She was shot down by an arrow, an arrow of unrequited love.The wound went too deep, and she felt deeply hurt.This one-winged angel, she needs only to love. The arrow broke her heart and dimmed her halo.But still, she kept the arrow with… Read More Human Angel

Love Letters

Eternal Love

Beloved Miracle, I close my eyes and commune with the Divine Spirit within me. The heart spoke in compassion and reminded me: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. – A Course in Miracles The truth of our love for each other can’t be threatened, even the world… Read More Eternal Love