The sensuality of a flame dancing in the dark, flickering and made my silhouette clear. That even in the shades, with shadows behind my back, there’s nothing to fear. Because I am the light, the flame, dancing without inhibition. Whereas I can’t see my sensuality enfolded behind my exterior, it’s there ready for seduction.

The Girl In Me

There’s a doorway into my heart, and right there, you will find my soul. As close off as I am, my hands are still outreach for you to hold. I once thought I could get hurt if someone comes too close to me, that I might break by the touch of someone’s hands. But it’s…


Rise; the morning sunlights are dancing through the curtains asking for a warm embrace, arms stretching, and eyes awake to a new beginning. Rise, whereas you collapsed into the ground lamenting for the sorrow of a lost one, heartbreaks with piercing throbbing pain, and recalling memories of what was done. Rise, the heart’s mending can…

Tethered Above

I sat on the mountain top and gazed towards the sky, while I tilted my head back so the tears would flow back inside. At the mountain top so high, I sat alone, and I started to wonder when spring will arrive. There I can’t cease to questioned if our love was a trial I…

Keep on Dancing

You think you have aged by the number of the years, but nothing makes you more mature if not of the experiences and the painful tears. You think you breathe well and alive, but if you don’t breathe deep into your lungs, you can’t call it life. Don’t clench your fits or tense up your…

Living In Peace

Of all the words I wrote There’s still a story untold I hope I could write it well Of how I made it through hell My past was painted in black I never wish the pain of it back Of all the tears I cried The most painful thing was to hide Slowly I healed…

Magic In The Stars

There are no diamonds in the sky, Only stars that twinkle bright.Light years away, but still visible for the eyes.You might, and you may dream or wish upon them.The brilliance of the stars is that they erase our problem.For dreams to come true, you must start to believe.Fear and hopelessness is a burglar, a thief.Have hope…


There’s still hope if there’s still a breath Don’t die or think of death Tomorrow is still another day You dreams are valid, you must stayDemons may terrorize you into the fearful night, But fear not, you are the light!God’s angels with protecting wings Take courage and sing! For what can the demons doWhen the almighty voice is you!

A Lifetime

A lifetime spent in learning to forget the thing I never had. Yet I remember that which I need to forget.  A lifetime spent in learning to laugh off the sorrow, yet within an instant the tears flow like a river stream. – Some memories are for a lifetime.

No Separation

Eternal has no time; love is its definition.Like the waves can’t be separated from the sand, Love is an inseparable part of what makes everything connect. Separation is only in the eyes,But the heart of two lovers entangle as one knows not of separation.Intertwined Dancing flamesThe sky catches fire As the sunset –It rises infinitely… In eternity.