Joyful Letter To Grandpa

Beloved Divine Father God aka Grandpa, You know what Grandpa. I have resurrected myself, and I am reborn like a phoenix soaring above the earthly realm. I descend myself once again to help my beloved earth family and my Twin Ray to understand that they too are immortal. Since there’s still a free will zone, […]

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Sorrowful Cry

Beloved Heart, My Divine Mother urges me to follow my unique self, to be an original and not a copy of anyone else work, so she had to come through and give me direction by amplifying my feelings and emotions so that I once again can remember how unique I am. My heart is vibrating […]

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An Important Date 8.8.8

Beloved Heart, Let me tell you a brief story of an important date in my life. This is the meeting with someone I treasure and love unconditionally. “Once upon a time, on this date. An unawakened Seraphim met another Seraphim in disguise. This beauty, the oath of God was in amnesia, but Miracle knew that […]

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The Voice of Love

Beloved heart, I connected with The Eye of Prince, in 2011/2012, we had our brief interaction under the heavenly sky and spoke words of wisdom while we sang the song of creation in harmony and peace. As I reread it, everything seems more clear to me. There’s no doubt to the way I want to […]

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