Joyful Letter To Grandpa

Beloved Divine Father God aka Grandpa, You know what Grandpa. I have resurrected myself, and I am reborn like a phoenix soaring above the earthly realm. I descend myself once again to help my beloved earth family and my Twin Ray to understand that they too are immortal. Since there’s still a free will zone, […]

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Light Beacon

Beloved Heart, Because of my curiosity I’ve reached the point of real knowledge. Love is my knowledge and freedom is efficacious to my soul. Bad habits seem to fall away by the wayside. I rise yet again to a new morning of glory and meaningful moments embedded in my memories. New memories are like snowflakes […]

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Heartwarming Lightwaves

My heart vibrates waves of light, throughout this eternal realm, penetrates the mist of illusion to reach out to your heart, and heat up every corner of frost which left you in cold-sweat when the night cape slowly covers the earth into sleep. And while you believed for a moment, that your own shadow has […]

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