The Light Within Us

The collective consciousness spilled over like madness, and everyone is in intense trauma ready to release their darkness. There are chaos and such horrified unpredictable actions towards one another. People get offended quickly, and no one wants to listen to the truth. Perhaps it’s not easy to wake up to the truth, that this world […]

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You Are A Shining Light

Something has changed. That little spark within me has fired me up to live a better life. And yes, I can’t stop from firing up the cigarette and inhale its toxic, but I am alive, and it’s all good, at least for now, and I do have faith that tomorrow and many tomorrows will change […]

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Fountain of Love

Somewhere I belong to the desert land, anywhere else I can’t find the thirst to understand what love is. Because love is like water, it’s so rare in the desert that it makes me more grateful when I finally find the fountain within myself. If I lost myself and my heart, I’ll not bow down […]

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Upon The Throne, I Sit.

Beloved Hearts, I felt that it might be appropriate to enlighten you on what personal inner vibration is and how I master my personal inner vibration. I don’t want to go so deep into it since there are already heaps of articles out there on how to raise your vibration. Many of you might have […]

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In The Meeting With The Fallen Angel

Beloved Lucifera, Last night your minion tried to scare me, but as you may know. I am no longer afraid of the darkness. Let alone your minions. They come with hate and fear, and I counter attack them with love and light. Lucifera, my beloved sister, you have played your role as the fallen Angel, […]

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Heartwarming Lightwaves

My heart vibrates waves of light, throughout this eternal realm, penetrates the mist of illusion to reach out to your heart, and heat up every corner of frost which left you in cold-sweat when the night cape slowly covers the earth into sleep. And while you believed for a moment, that your own shadow has […]

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