The Story of Unconditional Love

When she is unsure about something and hold it in while thinking if she is interested, want something more than friendship or just friendship, and still comes back each time because I am in love with her and decided to stay in love because I love unconditionally. We have known each other over a long […]

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Revealing The Secret of Miracle

Beloved Heart, After a crazy upgrading since last week, I am going to reveal a shocking news. Miracle is not just me, my higher self, she is in truth, my Divine Mother. And Ryder is her twin flame, my Divine Father. And Beloved Divine Father God is my grandpa. Yeah, this sounds unbelievable, but it’s […]

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The Blooming of A Blue Ray Starseed

Beloved Hearts, When I and my family moved into my newly bought house in 2015, this Orchid was gifted to me, but soon after, it withered and hasn’t bloomed since many years ago. Last month on Friday the 9th of June 2017, when I, Miracle, the Sacred Divine Feminine merged with my human-self Amaia, who […]

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