Goodbye Fear! Welcome Unconditional Love

Beloved Lucifera, I am so excited now because I want to deliver a shocking news to you so that you can tell your other self, Lucifer; I am head over heel in love with myself. I don’t have any desire to make anyone mine, or the thoughts of having a sacred intimate partner are no […]

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O’God I Thank Thee

For showing me mercy when my hunger for love makes me mad. Who gives me time to gather the shattered me so I once again can feel completely whole. Who never needs me to make your day better, but by sharing better days with me. Who trusts me and let me alone to myself so […]

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Prayer of Gratitude

Beloved Father God, With a humble heart, I thank you for giving me strength and courage to continue on my Divine path. I pray today, and forever more through the wake of life. May I always be humble, yet confident in who I am. May I always care for other sincerely without judgment. May I […]

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With A Love So Kind

Small droplets of dew Dawned upon the flower During the night – They rested there Until the sunrise came And kissed them away. With a love so kind Nourishes all lives on earth – I am the flower Whom small droplets of dew Bestowed upon Even at night When the moon Takes my breath away […]

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