The Flow of Emotion

You’re not here, but it feels like you do, but what I have discovered is not the presence of you, but my overflowing feelings for you which pulverize my entire being in bits and pieces. The blood is streaming through my veins, and each cell is pulsating with passion. The tapering of your absent has […]

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Heartfelt Longing of The Little Seraph

Beloved Grandma, It’s me Crystallize Butterfly, your little crystal granddaughter. Where is everybody, grandma? I am feeling so alone, and so empty. But this is a kind of emptiness that doesn’t make me feel lonely. This gap makes me feel like resting in the stillness of the empty spaces. As I write to you, I […]

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In The Realm Of Emotions

In time like this When we are no longer close to neither reality or fantasy. We have at least our heart to feel the realness in the other one’s gaze. The heart which conveys the truth in the realm of emotions makes my voyage to the distant land, easier and less tiresome to travel. I […]

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The Wisdom of The Sacred Divine Feminine

Beloved Starlit, Do you know what’s so frightening about an intimate relationship for me while in a physical body? It’s like giving away my fragile heart to someone and offer them the power to do whatever they want with my heart, while I silently pray inside me that they won’t have an intention to break […]

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The Observer

Beloved Starlit, I have had many wild and dangerous experiences while roaming around the city at night. As I walked down the street, all I could see were these lifeless buildings with no vibrant energy, and people who were so intoxicated with the wine seems not to notice what they were doing to themselves and […]

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