I Love My Sacred Mother Earth

My Divine Mother corrected me, She turned me into a warrior And not a softy – Who would cry in front of the enemy. She taught me to endure pain, So now my pleasure I will gain. My Cosmic Mother corrected me, She never broke my limbs But straightened my backbone even my body is […]

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The Death of Earthly Desires

Beloved Divine Mother, I broke down in tears because I am overwhelmed by the way I have gone against myself. Divine Mother, you know who I am, right? You understand that I love immensely and I am willing to let go of attachment to earthly desires so that my beloved will see the fruition of […]

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A Prayer To Restore Peace Within The Mind

Beloved Divine Mother, It’s me, your little Seraph. Your Daughter, the one you created and given life when you birthed me into the existence of the Universe and the Galaxy. Divine Mother, I exist only because of you and Father God, but my presence is meaningless without the Holy Spirit. I am the Christ Gem […]

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