The End of The Chase

Beloved Divine Mother, Miracle, I thought I would never love someone as I love you. The constant search for you had made me blind to the fact that you were always near enough for me to feel every inch of you. You’re so tangible, and I didn’t know that you were so fragile until I […]

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Once Awake, Forever Awake

Beloved Starlit, Each morning when I wake up, I feel exhausted and a little bit reluctant to get out of bed, because sometimes the tide of emotions caused by the moon is welling up inside me at night make it impossible for me just to close my eyes and go to sleep. Other nights the […]

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The Goddess Of Beauty And Love

My lovely Goddess – She dwells forever and ever in my heart as a sweet pastry of my life. I bow my head in silence while I contemplate on the love of her benevolence heart. I cherish her wisdom with no hesitation from my side. In her heart-space sanctuary is where she resides while She […]

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The Death of Earthly Desires

Beloved Divine Mother, I broke down in tears because I am overwhelmed by the way I have gone against myself. Divine Mother, you know who I am, right? You understand that I love immensely and I am willing to let go of attachment to earthly desires so that my beloved will see the fruition of […]

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