Waves of Delight

Oh by the way, so called spiritual people, are you bullies too?? Omg, you shame my beloved best friend, my FELINE QUEEN and compete as if you were holier than her? So you don’t eat meat. But what do you do? Are you like me? BOLD? SPIRITUAL DOER??? You sit around talking, mighty and all, […]

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The Blue In Me

Beloved Oath of God, I am more and more sure of my Divine mission now. Before I understand or even comprehend why and how I felt such urge to forgive and be patient to the way people unintentionally or unconsciously treated me. Even though how cruel or mistreated I was being, or how many times […]

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The Yearning of Oneself

I found myself back then Looking for answers I couldn’t seem to find I searched high and low, And it was never a day I wasn’t on the go I’ve always tried my best to smile Even when tears were near to went dry. Every day was nearly a pain, Suffocated in my frustration and […]

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