Your Shine

Your beauty is exquisite, like a painting which I don’t get tired of looking. With you I am never bored, there are so much in your mind I want to explore, and I marvel at how you can wake up to another morning and make the world better for your loved ones. The nearest way […]

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The Harmony of The Sphere

Beloved Mother Venus, You once asked me if I want to ascend, that time I thought I was going crazy, but I embody you in some way, and I am the grace, romance, nobility and love you taught me to be. I possess and radiate the calming poise as not to disrespect you, my beloved […]

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The Waiting of The Star Child

Beloved Ryder, The choices I make daily now is for the sake of our glorious future. It hasn’t been easy in the past because I had to play a role as the weakest one and concealed my power and abilities. The Divine mission I am carrying out is too important for everyone involved that I […]

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