With You

I want to fight for you, die for you, but the hardest battle is to stay alive and live for you – I choose the latter and keep moving ahead like it’s my last breath I take because tomorrow can be too late. I don’t chase you, but I’m not walking away, I don’t give […]

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Upon The Throne, I Sit.

Beloved Hearts, I felt that it might be appropriate to enlighten you on what personal inner vibration is and how I master my personal inner vibration. I don’t want to go so deep into it since there are already heaps of articles out there on how to raise your vibration. Many of you might have […]

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88622 My Beloved I Am Willing To Wait!

Beloved Heart, I just had to make another “significant” announcement, for you and me. Because I feel it might be easier for you to understand me a little better in the way I “work,” aka Love. Might you have heard about numerology? In the past, I didn’t go so deep into it since I was […]

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The Waiting of The Star Child

Beloved Ryder, The choices I make daily now is for the sake of our glorious future. It hasn’t been easy in the past because I had to play a role as the weakest one and concealed my power and abilities. The Divine mission I am carrying out is too important for everyone involved that I […]

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