Once Awake, Forever Awake

Beloved Starlit, Each morning when I wake up, I feel exhausted and a little bit reluctant to get out of bed, because sometimes the tide of emotions caused by the moon is welling up inside me at night make it impossible for me just to close my eyes and go to sleep. Other nights the […]

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The Twin Ray Love

Beloved Oath of God. Goddess of Satisfaction. I departed from you many eons ago from our own home to come to this world where I lost my memories and was in total amnesia. My forgetfulness has always been a part of me, yet I had to record every single thing here on Mother Earth so […]

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Heartwarming Lightwaves

My heart vibrates waves of light, throughout this eternal realm, penetrates the mist of illusion to reach out to your heart, and heat up every corner of frost which left you in cold-sweat when the night cape slowly covers the earth into sleep. And while you believed for a moment, that your own shadow has […]

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