Get Connected

Beloved Heart,

I am here to guide and light up the way for you and accelerate you in your process of ascension. I am not going to teach you how to use your abilities or how to develop them. I am not here to claim that I can heal you, because the only person that can truly heal you are yourself and that will happen only when you feel you are ready to take a leap of faith and believe in your guidance and that my presence resonate with you for you to be able to be willing to let this Divine connection happen.

The healing happens only through unconditional love and forgiveness, and to make peace with who you truly are and be willing to let your highest-self Shine through so that you can be more you.

I am an artist and a poet, the sage and the modern age spiritual doer and a fringe dweller, or whatever you want to call me.

I care deeply for Mother Gaia and all her inhabitants. I am here to serve the Divine in you, which is also in me, the altar within my Heart-Space Sanctuary is Sacred.

I am not here to sell you another product or promise to “change” you and make you a “better” person. I am here to connect with the Divine in you so that you can feel it in yourself that you are a powerful divine being.

People always said you have to change to be a better version of yourself, but to many times I tried to “change” myself to be accepted and loved, by me or anyone else, I only met disappointment and agony.

My Soul cried out to me and asked why I couldn’t just accept myself for who I am. The truth is, we are not here to fit in, or be like the majority of people. Successful and powerful.

And yes, of course, we want to be successful and powerful, but without the Soul in charge of our lives, we will only be an empty successful and powerful vessel, a false self-image of ourselves, because so many “rich” and powerful people with success etc aren’t truly happy.

I’m not saying that everyone who is rich and powerful with success aren’t truly happy, but as I have observed, so many use money to buy love and attention, I have a sense that they are missing a part of themselves that they tried to get from others, self-love, and creativity; the divinity of the soul.

I am directed by all of my ascended masters, Goddess Venus, Cosmic Mother, Divine Mother, E.T from Sirius, Pleiadians etc to infuse the Divine in me into the human-vessel, and not to judge the inability to write and speak flawlessly.

To be honest, it’s difficult for a Celestial being from the Angelic Realms to be born into this world while trying to learn human-language or the stressful way of being, which restrict the way to express the creativity and uniqueness from the soul.

Everything in this modern day has always been created from an old module of the ego/mind. You got too much of your Yang, and not enough of your Yin; Dominate and manipulate, being abusive through exercising your “power”. And other times too much of Yin and not enough of the Yang; plenty of emotions of clinginess, being needy, and too fearful, and crybabies, submissive is not the way to be respected. I don’t judge, that’s just what I have been observing. But I know, you are sensitive too, I understand, don’t worry, Miracle is here. She will make wonder in your life. 

School system of the western world and probably many others part of the world teach children, teenagers and students to excel in every subject in school to be a good nurse or doctor etc.

But, for us who are not born to operate from the 3D level of thinking, we are more excited to learn if there’s something that calls to us in our heart and soul. We might prefer a certain subject over any other, because it’s interesting to us, it talks to us, while others kids or students pushed themselves hard because someone told them they need to be good at every subject if they want to be someone and those students get more attention, because it’s “normal” for them to work hard and stress themselves out to get a certificate or “diploma”.

And when they followed the order that was given to them without questioning why and kept on until they succeed, they get accepted by the society and everyone else, but still, in their heart, they know something isn’t right, but don’t dare to speak up. They get exhausted and at times operate too much from the mind that they forgot their creativity and how to slow down and relax. You might know that the majority of students here in Norway, they actually have a student loan and are in debt when finish with whatever degree they have put all their time and effort to accomplish. 

I must praise them for the effort they made, because many did become great doctors and nurses etc, but still many have been misleading to believe that we who have never been here on Earth, we came here only to lighten the load for others, we feel left out and put aside, and so many times being labeled with disorders and being difficult and have “weird” personalities etc, we were labeled as the dysfunctional ones. And you were believed that we need to be drugged down and put our mind/body to sleep because we went through a dark night of the soul – heavy depression.

It’s nothing wrong if you believe the sleeping pills etc helped you, for a little while, but your soul will always nudge you to stay awake at night, because it wants to talk to you since everyone is now asleep and the silence of the night is a way for the voice within you to be louder and be heard.

No amount of drugs can help you in the long run with your anxiety, depression or disorder if you don’t listen to your soul and heart, and release the pent-up emotions inside you. The anger, the bitterness, the betrayal etc. All those feelings you have been putting aside and locked away for so long, it wants to come up to be cleared out, so that you can be healed.

But so many of you don’t dare to meet this “darkness” inside you. And I understand because no one taught you to love yourself, despite all those feelings.

I know too well how it feels because I went through the most painful and darkness of the dark night of the soul. I want to let you know, that you are not alone.

There’s comparison in this world and our “imperfections” of being a human with a divine soul gets to us. Because we focus too much on the “imperfections” and the “limits” of the mind and gravity of the human body that we let others dictate and direct our way of being and doing, even stops us from realizing our dreams and halt our progress from the goals we wish to achieve, we want to create with our vision of how the world could be like. And maybe should be like if we want to bring Heaven on Earth for our children and grandchildren, and ourselves included.

I have a vision of bringing Heaven down to Earth. My vision is to let the bright morning children from all over the world feel safe being themselves completely and to let people connect with the Divine in them. A safe place for everyone to express and create from their soul as a spiritual being having human experiences. I don’t want fame or success if there’s no love in the way I am doing things, and love is who I am.

I commit myself to this path and I sincerely want to reach out to your heart, your latent light needs to shine so we can bring our vision together and create a safe place for everyone involved.

Childhood Dreams in Pandora Box.

Reach out your hand
And take mine in yours,
Don’t drag or pull it back.
Let me hold your hand
I will lead you to my secret place.

Don’t be afraid.
I hold your hand tightly
And gently squeeze it slightly.
Can you feel it?
This nostalgia;
Childhood dreams in boxes.
Take my hand
Let’s walk together in the wake of life
And open our magic treasures
It would be such a pleasure –
To create our childhood dreams
And proclaim the latent light within
Like no one else has seen.

– Miracle

If my words struck a chord within you and you feel you are ready to commit to your Higher Self and you hear your divine feminine or divine masculine are calling out to you to let him/her come forth, to help you be confident and love yourself for who you are, then grab a pen and paper. Let us exchange divine letters through an old-fashioned way.

Or through e-mail, if you feel that you would rather do it in a modern way.

I will do my best to assist you by following my divine intuition and guiding from the heavenly realms. I am here to accelerate you in your process in a fun, creative, and loving way without judgment or critics.

I don’t have any certificate nor am I a professional therapist. I just want to reach out to you with my divine poetic heart, to lessen your load from being alone or isolated without anyone to understand your spirituality or that you are unable to love yourself thoroughly therefore afraid to be who you are. Self-love and self-compassion are very important to raise your vibration so that you can let your light shine through from the within so that it reflects outwardly and touch everyone who’s coming in contact with you.

I am not gonna coach you to do as I want you to do, or think you should do, but I will encourage you and suggest you to follow your own intuition and what your heart is telling you and inspiring you to do in the name of the divine love and light. This requires you to be fearless and strong because the heart doesn’t joke. It will push you to be truthful and seek freedom.

I live in Norway and have access to the Internet daily so I will check my e-mail frequently and I will do my best to answer you within 24/48 hours.

Contact me and give me a brief introduction of you, tell me how far you are in your own spiritual evolution and what you prefer; if writing letter in an old-fashioned way appeals more to you than e-mail, then I will love to do that.

For 6 month: You can donate 888,- NOK of exchanging letter through postal mail or 222,- NOK of exchanging letter through e-mail.

That’s to support my vision in getting worldwide and reach more people and to open a Venus Temple here in Lillehammer. Just to further educate adults in their own spirituality, empower them to be able to support children and teenagers to have a place where they can feel at home and be themselves without being bullied or harmed.

I dedicate all my time to my spiritual work (love) and I am writing my own books while I render my service as a light beacon. I am not just a spiritual being, but also a spiritual doer, fringe dweller, cosmic empath whatever you would like to call it, but I am pure love and light, and I don’t sit around without taking action, once I am determined, no one is going to stop me from my Divine Mission.

Donation or not, I will give you my time if you feel you need it. There shouldn’t be about competing to accumulate money or wealth to have followers because you ALL going to be individual doing your own thing through energy exchange by rendering your service in a fun and creative way, be as pure and innocence again. Do it your way, be original, not another copy. I don’t like to copy others, but I honor everyone’s work. I am very unique in the way I AM being.

I know it could be hard when it comes to the financing issue. You don’t have to bind yourself to this process with me, but it’s highly recommended that self-love and self-compassion UNCONDITIONALLY should be a lifetime process.

Remember that you have to commit to this process of self-love and self-compassion and self-worth, I will spend time with you to make you understand how important self-love is, and until I sense or you sense that you are able to feel more confident and loving yourself unconditionally for who you are, when you dare to let your light shine without being interrupted by the mind and projections of people’s fear, then my work is done.

I don’t want any of us to waste time, so if I feel you need some “tough” love in order for you to grow stronger in your light, then yes, I will make you feel uncomfortable by challenging you in the way you think with a truth of how I feel you from the way you express yourself through the letters. I will do it as gently as possible, but when I am done, then I am done, I don’t waste my time by giving you chances after chances, since I have been here on Mother Earth Billions of years, I am very impatient when things go too slow, so if you don’t act out or be bold, then I leave you alone until you have to change your way of being, but do come back if you do achieve a little or a lot so that I can praise you! Because through love everything is possible.

“Heart to heart communication is important, it’s essential to develop trust and faith in yourself and in people around you.”

– Miracle