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Proudly Announcing Her Unconditional Love

Beloved Grandpa, You know what? I just said what I felt. It was damn scary, but I had to because you know me, I can’t lie about feelings towards someone I love. It can take a while before I say it, but in the end, I want to open up my heart WIDER, so she […]

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Joyful Letter To Grandpa

Beloved Divine Father God aka Grandpa, You know what Grandpa. I have resurrected myself, and I am reborn like a phoenix soaring above the earthly realm. I descend myself once again to help my beloved earth family and my Twin Ray to understand that they too are immortal. Since there’s still a free will zone, […]

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Lady Seraphim Entrust Her Desire To Father God

Beloved Father God, From the time I was a teenager, I felt for the first time compassion for a murder I saw on the news. I had a knowing he had suffered too, and because from a human aspect, he didn’t know what he was doing. His soul chose to experience how to be a […]

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