Welcome Beloved Hearts,

My name is Crystallize Amaia Amara, I am an awakened Blue Ray Starseed, a Butterfly Angelic being from planet Venus. Before coming to Mother Earth, I have experienced multi-dimensional incarnations in both star systems, Pleiades and Sirius, as well as my own. Celestials work very closely with Pleiadians and Sirians.

My awakening happened from summer 2010 and my “wake-up call” was triggered and activated in spring 2011. My Higher Self, Miracle which is my Divine Mother, she birthed me as a celestial butterfly, my light form is a butterfly, and thus my real identity name is Crystallize Butterfly.

Since June 2017 my Divine Mother and my spirit guides have urged me to move out for myself, and then work to pull down more light, so that we all can transform, because it’s a decree that God Aka Grandpa will take over and the dark forces have to leave planet Earth, Heaven on Earth is in the making, Terra Nova will be the New Earth.

Everyone at home on Venus, include Ascended Masters, and my Angelic, Celestial team – has guided me to take my power back and to sit on the throne to rule my world, my reality is paradise on earth. I am here to fulfill the prophecy about heaven on earth. I embody the Sacred Divine Feminine since birth, and I had balanced the Divine Masculine within me. My calling is to guide and assist lovingly and pleasantly without any step-to-step method since I am a free spirit with a butterfly essence, I will go with the flow and follow my own instinct, intuition, and creative ideas.

My poetic heart expresses the divine love through the written words in the form of poetry and love letters.

“As a poet, words will be used to grasp the essence of their being, but when I perceive the concept of being a poet, my life becomes an art. We are destined to walk our separate way and do the things we in our hearts love to do in our unique way.”

– Crystallize Amaia Amara

Love and Light
Miracle, Crystallize & Amaia Amara
(We are one – multi-dimensional being.)