My name is Amaia.

What’s there to say about me? I can first mention that I am an awakened Blue Ray Starseed, a Butterfly Angelic being from planet Venus.

You can put another term to it, I am a lightworker. I work to bring more light down to Earth and integrate it into my own being.

Many of my spirit guides and my Higher Self has urged me to make this webpage in order to be able to share my wisdom and writings and to further assist those in need of my help.

My calling is to guide and assist lovingly and pleasantly without any step-to-step method since I am a free spirit with a butterfly essence, I will go with the flow and follow my own instinct, intuition, and creative ideas.

My poetic heart expresses the divine love through the written words in the form of poetry and love letters.

I hope you will find what you seek and that you will take pleasure in what I have to share.

“As a poet, words will be used to grasp the essence of their being, but when I perceive the concept of being a poet, my life becomes an art. We are destined to walk our separate way and do the things we in our hearts love to do in our unique way.”

– Amaia Amara


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