In the beginning, there was a name, and that name changed throughout the years that went by, at last, I got stuck with the name Amaia; which most people are now calling me.

How do I define myself? After many discoveries, I figure out that I am just a complex being with a paradox personality of an INFJ, an empath and being a Starseed. I have always dreamt of being a writer, and that leads to this blog.

I would say that my way of writing is very creative, but that’s something you have to read to decide for yourself. I’m just here to provide you with stories of my life, and I would like to invite you to my world where I also write love letters to my Twin Flame.

PS: This is a world of someone who has been diagnosed as schizophrenia by the doctors and therapist (which I disagree for so many years). What I experienced was an awakening process, my wake-up-call was encoded to be triggered at that moment which was also very abruptly and dramatic.

It sounds like a “detrimental” introduction, but I hope you won’t judge the book by its cover. I will not let the doctors define me or anyone else for that matter, because I’m just a spiritual being in a human body and living in this world is hard for someone who is highly sensitive.

Expressing myself through words are a way for me to vent, to make sense of my thoughts and releasing my feelings. The intention is to share as much love as possible through my love letters.

Welcome to my world.