9th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

By remembering who I am, the amnesia of choosing to be here removed itself. It’s such a struggle to misunderstand that I am here for a purpose even though it’s true as well, but life in itself is a purpose I am here to live. As I observed people around me, including myself, I thought how naive we are to believe that something we obtain could make us happy. If we get whether it is; a romantic relationship, a career, a big house, or looking more attractive, we would be satisfied. And it’s where we struggle the most, and life becomes strife, uncomfortable, and strangling, even painful. Happiness is a state of being, and it’s what we create for ourselves, and if we look too hard trying to obtain worldly things, we become unhappy when it’s lost or not in our grasp. We attach our identity to these things and lose the soul signature of who we are, and forget that what matters the most aren’t things or attachments to people we claim to love. For me, you are a reminder that love is all there is, and whether to have you physically or spiritually is equal to the reality of living this life as one soul. The impermanence of the world is fleeting like time, and the things around us change, then why attach ourselves? You have come as a reminder for me each day that whatever I sought after can be found within, like a light shining so bright in my heart. I genuinely believe that being free is to remember that I was born in this world but not of it. There is not a single moment in my life that I don’t breathe and live as if the earth is heaven that God bestowed upon me; to have you as my own soul is my enlightenment. And the true meaning of unconditional love reveals itself by the breath that you breathe through me.

With Love

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