10th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

Departure and arrival are the same meaning to life here on earth because the beginning is like an ending, and the end is like a beginning. The soul knows not of the end because life is merely an experience for it to grow. And even when the body ceases, life doesn’t end as we may think with our mind. The light God granted upon the soul is eternal, and from the start and onto the infinite, birth the new beginning of the journal onto the vast universe. A soul journey is a treasure that we can’t comprehend with the logical mind, for all the experiences, either good or bad, are merely duality, a concept created by the ego for us to have something to compare. The soul doesn’t have these concepts, and it’s not as important as how to gather more wisdom through the experiences life is lived. That’s why there’s no distinction between our souls. Your light is my light, and my darkness is your darkness. Without balance and order, duality becomes a reality, and we may forget it’s only an illusion. For dark and light without balance render chaos. The balancing of darkness and light in our soul gives an order to our universe within. We can’t be separate even how much we try. What separated us from each other was the wall created by the ego, and because we slept for so long, slumber in darkness unconsciously that we forgot we are within each other all along. But the moment I awakened was the moment you arrived, and the moment you arrived was the moment we depart from the world that we once knew. Heaven is here as we opened our eyes to the dawn of light, you and me; we are inseparable. And how do we go on living now that we know the love we sought is in our hearts? Your and mine; your heart within my heart, an adventure into a brand new world, through balance and order. You take my hand and lead me through a journey taken with a single step, and it made all the difference because life with you is an arrival home.

With Love

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