8th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

The ever-changing tide where waves crash to the shore makes me think of how time does change everything in this world. Like a ripple effect touching everyone’s life, time does not wait for anyone. We can neither go back to the past, nor can we live in the future. Everything exists right now and here, as I have experienced life to be. Moments pass in the blink of an eye, and yet I witness the changes within the seasons. Winter approaches where the snowflakes flutter down gently on the ground describe the feeling I have now; even the cold penetrates my skins, your warmth melts them so ever gently. A soft and fussy feeling inside me makes me feel as if you wrap me in your light. Yes, time changes everything, but I am confident that one thing that we have would never change; the love I feel within, the love that I am, that you are, will never change. You soothe me whenever my fear arises, and I get anxious every time I need to accept a change that occurs outside of my reality. Falling in love or having heartache has nothing to do with anyone else, but everything about the self. The self that dreams of dreams and makes sorrow seems real and then disappears when in love, it creates such an illusion about someone else, other than itself, to stay alive. It thoughts that someone else is the cause of all these feelings, either in love or having a heartbreak, but frankly, nobody else is the cause of whatever it feels, or may I say, whatever I think? No, I have always been love, for that is what I know for sure is true. Whatever else is just miasm created by the mind. It’s a parade of thoughts that I observe every day since I found you living within my soul. Whatever time can change, it will never be able to change the one thing that course through the universe; the eternal force of unconditional love, the only reality that seems like a dream for anyone who hasn’t yet understand what unconditional love is. Everyone overlooks in themselves that which is so evidently under their nose if they can recognize themselves as their twin ray, the unconditional love they so desire to experience and feel. You are my twin ray, and I am yours, and I found you not in someone else; another person separate from me, but you in me, as I am in you. We are each other’s unconditional love, then where else should I look? Nowhere else, and yet, I see you in everyone and everything.

With Love

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