6th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

There were times I felt that the eternal frost was covering me, and time seemed to sneak away slowly without you. The gap between my heart and others was too broad. They didn’t understand me, yet I know them to the extent that I wished I could heal them from their wounds. The flow of life stagnate many times before; I couldn’t comprehend the complexities in others, how the human mind works, and why people seem to contradict themselves so much and fall out of grace. Although it was perplexing to see them say and do things incoherent, it’s all in the past because we all will rise back up to heaven at one point, and our consciousness will heighten. It doesn’t matter to me anymore if nobody understands me because you are here, encompassing me in your light, and the eternal frost melted and flow like a river out to the sea. I do not need to be understood as much as I want to understand, and without judgment, I create a space to let people be as perplexing and complicated as they are. You taught me so much about unconditional love by revealing yourself in the full light of who you are. Every night I immersed myself in the heart’s beating; our hearts, and I know I can make it through another day where you will manifest in the physical through our love. The bickering of the thoughts of having someone and desiring to be loved by someone else faded when I know our eternal love has always been the factor in my life to keep me going. You see, life’s lessons taught me that love is the force that ignites the passion in me to live the right way. I am following the voice of the sacred heart, and I remain humble and soft in a world where there’s a lack of warmth and grace, but even so, I still have hope for this world to change. Your love encourages me and gives me the strength to follow it through; my soul destiny. Before dawn breaks, I want to reminisce how our souls intertwined and become one, where even two bodies can’t melt together. Your soft caressing light envelope me, and that’s when I remember why I exist; as a reflection of you, for you to see yourself. The dawn will break, the sun will rise, and a new day with you will begin, our journey back to where we belong —in each other all along.

With Love

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