5th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

I dreamt of you telling me the three words I had never heard anyone say, the phrase so simple but yet so profound “I love you.” The echoing of your voice lingers in my thoughts for days when I am awake. The exhilarating joy of knowing that you love me; has always loved me become my favorite love story. The world becomes my paradise, heaven on earth when you are with me. People said I live in a dream world, but this reality is as much a dream as the world I live in, and it matters not if it’s a dream or reality because life is but a journey for the traveling souls. And we write upon the stars our stories, that the sky will reveal for those who watch. Amongst them all, you shine the brightest, and I recognized you at first glance. The one looking back at me in the mirror is you, and I smile because I know you see me too. You don’t have to look for me elsewhere but in your heart, when it is pulsating, and you feel alive, then remember, it’s me calling for you to come home. Come home to the embrace of my arms, with the promise that you will never be alone. I also want you to know, “I love you,” always and forever.

With Love

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