4th Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

Reaching the realization that you are within me, looking through my eyes, was arduous. The inkling belief that there was a love beyond this realm made me long for you, and it was that which propel me to search for you. The first taste of love in this realm broke my heart, and because my soul was kept in darkness, I had to battle the demons in my mind every night. I was tossing and turning in bed for thoughts that harassed me, and as I lay there with tears streaming down my face and with my heart aching for a love deeper than the ocean, I kept on going with life. I didn’t know; you wipe my tears with my hands so many times that my hands are your hands, my heart is your heart. When my heart pulsates with a vibration tremendously strong that the drumming of it heard in my ears, I feel so alive, and right there and then, I fell in love all over again. I fell in love with you, and not knowing it was you who catches me each time. You wrote love letters to me through my fingers, and you recite poems and poetry to honor me. You immortalize me through your writings, and with such adorement, how can I not love you unconditionally? You hold me so close to you each night, breathing the same breath as one living the same life. How life becomes now, you may ask? Life is the most magical adventure I can experience by remembering you are within me every day. It’s such magic that I start to share this unconditional love with every being I meet upon my path, and as I lay my eyes upon the sunrise, I feel your warm kisses on my lips and soft, warm rays stroking my face. The starry skies at night are mesmerizing because your presence lit them up for me to see. And each night, I fall asleep with a soft loving breath of you breathing, even with eyes close, your protecting presence makes me feel safe. Even in the dark with you where nothing but silence resides is a calming place I want to be, and indefinitely, above and beyond this realm.

With Love

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