3rd Letter

Beloved, Twin Ray

And there you are, looking out through my eyes; I see you in everything and everyone. The knowing that I am you, and you are me, made the veil drop, and our separation ended. I feel a peace wash over me as if your embrace casket me into your heart chamber of light. The sacred union starts now as I live each day, knowing you are one with me. You hid in every song, in every poem, and wherever I look, you are there in every sunset and full moon. You were so hidden in me that I forgot that we were never separate for even a second. Rumi said;

I am you, you are me.

And it’s indeed true, the beloved has always been within, and the secret was not a mystery, but mysterious enough to make me want to seek for you in others. The spell that bound me to the illusion broke, and with my wings, I am ready to fly. Eternal is the soul that grants this unconditional love, and the joy of basking in the love that never ends makes life worthwhile.

With Love

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