You Are Love

How can such peace wash over me, like the warmth of the sun, when I met the sadness that rise like waves through me?
And within the spaces of that fear of losing someone, I knew I always had the love I wanted to feel.
The forces that created me into this physical reality, I am the unconditional love I was seeking.
It never possesses or hurts, but what hurts are the escaping of the truth, that you can never lose the expression of the love you are, and never could you possess someone else’s love because it’s free.

When it hurts the most, it’s when you need to let it depart gently, in the softness of your love to the one, and face the truth, that in everyone else; the one is always beloved, be loved.

And your love, it flows like soft rays out to the universe, touching everyone’s life.

The truth of all truths, you are love.

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