Love Story Told To The Pillow

Every night I lay on my pillow, I tell it my love story
The name of my beloved written with tears on my face
The love I feel remains
My thoughts raging like a storm without her here
and I paint her absence with my light
My life bloom like spring and wither again in October
Summer came but gone swiftly like the wind sweep by fall
Oh’ beloved of mine
If you knew this longing like a lingering present, I give to you
Would you receive it?
The night shimmer with stars and the moonlight
If you look at it tonight, the secret it will tell
Is that my gaze will always lay upon your beautiful face
My whisper murmured in the silent night like a secret told
Wanting to say to you that this love is undying
Nothing is permanent in this world except the love of the lovers
Born from the same star
And as I close my eyes,
I fall asleep with a love story told to the pillow tonight.

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