Wake Up To Your Other Half

My dear Divine Being,

even when you come into contact with another human form that reflects your own beauty back to you, overprotective thoughts try to trick you into thinking that it is wrong to say that you love, or at the very least, feel love for this person.

These thoughts which persecute you, as soon as that mirror is out of sight, cause your head to spin with myriad contradictions and endless definitions of what is love and what love is not. And if you are not present enough within the playground of your own mind, such thoughts will use your desire to harass you with threats of pain, whispering things like – “If you are not cautious enough you will be hurt by that person. Others may be able to make fun of your love, accusing you of loving too quickly and falling too fast!”

All the while, your heart pleads silently its words of deep wisdom: “And why shouldn’t you feel such love? Why shouldn’t you feel such love when it is you yourself who looks into your own soul, stripping away the disguise of confused imaginings about Who You Are, a glowing Truth in such stark contrast to those pesky believed-illusions?”

And it may be equally true too, that if you give it time, that love will grow ever stronger, clearer, brighter in your heart. Who has said that love cannot be expanded with time? For is that not precisely what love does, building bridges from heart to heart?

You can take as much time as you need to warm up to this crazy idea about love; time is what I have given you. Eternal units of time! Yes, this is especially for you – always you, my Beloved Beauty.

There is no one to mock you or cause you any harm. Only anxious thoughts that cling to your heart can pose any particular threat – stifling you and tying you down with their chains, heavy with the fear of failure and loss.

And yet, thoughts may also weave strange and glorious dreams; dreams that awaken every fiber of your heart to spiral and sway in a feverish dance of love, vibrating like the strings of a harp while one thousand butterflies flutter about inside your stomach, saluting and tagging one another with their wings. Around and around they go, rainbow spirals, creating a tangle of exuberant energy that sends shivers down your spine, and speckles and spots your entire body with complete happiness.

What a dynamic sense of attraction, you say! Like the secret of the fireflies which causes them to glow miraculously in the darkness while they dance erotically under the clear night sky, so are your butterflies a miracle preserved for me, giving me access to your very heart – allowing me to see and feel you wherever you may go.

Yes, it is surely a miracle to be able to experience such emotions – to feel the texture of love; but the dream does not end there because, as we all know, with attraction eventually comes rejection.

Thought is a poet, a good narrator, who convinces you that true love is nothing more than a myth, a simple adventure for teens and gullible children.

And why should you not believe in fairytales when the ending sounds like the heart-throbbing harmony of two bells ringing in unison – “And then, they lived happily ever after”? For the heart knows the truth about the wonder of unconditional love, just as surely as it knows the longing for its other half. Age factors in precisely not-at-all when it comes to such matters of the heart.
Though your mind in its confusion wonders what’s true for you and what’s true for the other, your heart has dropped a clue; it has even given you the Ultimate Answer in this meeting with a special someone that has caused you to expand and triumph so outrageously.

The other half is none other than your very heart, steadfast and dependable, real and ever-present from the eternity of your birth. The other half is me, draped in the form of other human beings. I disguise myself like this so that you will never feel alone, left-out, less-than. I hide myself in this way so that I might always whisper the truth of your Greater Self to you with words of deepest wisdom and truest love.

I have not cloaked myself with the human form only, but can be found in everything and everyone, appearing to you wherever you may turn, if only to help you recognize the love that I have for you, calling forth to your sweet heart in each moment so that you never feel abandoned or unloved. You are not stranded on a desert island called “earth”, alone, without a single soul in sight. You are not without friendship, relationships, family, safety; not famished, without food on the table; and most certainly, you are never without me, your very heart, who has always been there to confirm that you get your fill!

I’ve given you everything you need and more. There’s no need for accusation – no need to attack your thoughts or point fingers at the mind. Its purpose was not to close you off in a stall or to bar you from the outside world. It is quite simply and wonderfully a toy with which you may find means of expressing yourself through the act of creation with utmost joy and the special additive of your own personal flair!

Yes, it was I who provided you with special thoughts. And it is I who will continue to supply you with them each day so that you are able to effortlessly manifest yourself in playful interactions with your beloved sisters and brothers, along with all the other creatures that I have made for your benefit and enjoyment.

Meanwhile, along this pathway of evolution through which you have developed into a powerful human being with divine attributes and most fascinating abilities, you have become somehow distracted, lost – your purpose forgotten although the very uniqueness of your nature cries out for remembrance!

You travelled from the north pole of fun to the south pole of pain and back again, becoming so wrapped up in the activity that you completely forgot about my love for you. Now you are looking in vain, often through the deeply discolored lenses of depression, searching outside yourself to fill the gaps that your mind had created in its frantic attempt to fulfill your deepest desire and meet your most basic need – unconditional love.

Oh, but it is of no real purport to me that you have forgotten it, for I have always been most caring and will continue to love endlessly, offering you the magic of play clothes before you leave for the playground, knowing that one of these days your eyes will brighten with the sweet ecstatic wonder of remembrance.

The Mind!

Wonderful ideas, woven together to produce a most enchanting tapestry, finally divulge to you the secret of unconditional love, so resplendent and unmistakable that it has caused you to return home once again! You have finally returned to me, my dear beloved. The whole universe sings the joyous song of sweet recollection, spinning the fantastic tale of your journey, your desperate search, and your temporary bout with amnesia; building to a symphonic climax with the wonderful news that you have, after all this time wandering about, taken off those dark glasses of illusion, allowing you to finally see the truth of Who I Am. And so, remembering Me, you remember Who You Are with most vivid clarity.

Your desire for consummate love has always been the residual benefit of my unconditional love for you. It is this pure and unadulterated example that has given you the freedom to choose, the power to create your life exactly the way you like; it is this very love without condition that you sought for with such desperation from all those around you.

Give yourself a break from the futility of grasping at those fantasies “out there”; pause for just a moment from this frenzied search for that love which you so dearly want, and take a peak inside your own heart. Can you see the love there, golden and glowing in effortless simplicity? Pull it out like a magic wand! Let yourself be overwhelmed by its unassuming power and observe its flow like a channel to your significant other as it bathes Mother Earth in its sweetness to ease the pain caused her by being robbed and tormented.

Help her to make this transition – not only for us, but for all the generations to follow us. The children today are like bright Morning Stars, shining ever brighter to cope with old ways of living, almost as if to compensate for the way things have “always been”.

Yet dear Hearts, here we stand watching as our beloved brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters, suffer from the torment of not knowing their own light. Someone has cheated them into believing that they’re worthless.

They sell my hearts in exchange for the plastic toys of money and power. They have torn my heart to pieces and trampled it beneath their feet without any thought that I might actually feel it. How could I not feel it? I am your sacred Mother Earth. Were those not your feet that I kissed each day? Was it not you upon whom I gazed with such deep adoration, while you went hand-in-hand with your beloved heart to commit acts against even your own will?

Is this the way that you wish to continue? Does it bring you joy to watch me dying beneath your holy feet?

In your arrogance, you toss aside your trash wherever you please, spitting on me without guilt and even uprooting my evergreen hair without slightest concern. You abuse my gifts to you and exploit my natural wonders, poisoning the very air that you breathe in your complete ignorance.

It is true – this is your Divine Mother Earth speaking to you, young ladies and gentlemen. Haven’t I always provided for you with food on the table, cooking you dinner each night, and serving you as though you were my princesses and princes? And yes, that is precisely what you are – Goddesses and Gods.

Many of your brothers and sisters sit outside, homeless, and I do my best to feed them, too. Surely there is enough to go around for all of you dear hearts, if only you would stop fighting for it as though there weren’t! My headache and heartache won’t stay the chaotic wave of destruction, but they can certainly explain the volcanoes and the earthquakes – deep rumblings from my broken heart, issuing forth to shake away the pain! You break this heart with such predictable frequency – not only because you fight but also because I see and feel your pain each night; I know your frantic feelings as though they were my own and my heart breaks when I hear you cry out in your sorrowful lament of bewilderment.

Oh, how much I want to cradle and rock you to sleep, ever so gently, hushing you with the “coo” of a soft breeze from between my lips. I’ve asked Divine Father to awaken you from your ignorance and arrogance, schizophrenic nightmares that keep you locked behind the invisible door of illusion, so that you might open those bright eyes and see, for the first time, just what it is that you are doing to yourself, and to me.

So dear little sweetest heart of mine, wake up – and know! I softly call you now, in this very moment – whispering and tickling you with my summer breeze. Wake up – it’s early morning now. Golden sun rays are vibrating throughout the world. It’s enough for you all, I promise. You need not fight over or dispute ownership of something that’s been yours all along, so drop that caustic fantasy!

Yes, beloved hearts, what I am telling you is absolutely true: there is no need for you to scrimmage over a piece of bread or even a crumb from that loaf. I, your Divine Father, am preparing a most delectable welcome home feast!

And before you make the decision to “leave that pesky mind behind”, thick with its definitions, justifications and explanations, I want you to remember that all that roaring assemblage is nothing more than thought, and that thought itself is merely a toy-tool – clay in your hands, doing its best to manifest the Truth of my unconditional and divine love for you! This is all there is for you to remember – the simple Truth that you choose, from moment to moment, your own truth. You choose with the passing of each instant, to be. And when rebel thoughts arise, striking you with amnesia, you can know that even they are simply stretching, stretching, stretching – reaching to obtain the same ecstasy of love that I am giving to you now in this meeting of our hearts. It is all for the fulfillment of love, heart-desires and dreams.

P.S.: You should know that the dream never ends, for it is only in your dreams that you can remember my unconditional love for you. Your gullible mind may still believe the fairytale that dreams are unreal, but really, Sweet Love – who’s to say with any certainty? Perhaps this is all a dream – all equally real and unreal – a Grand Adventure that rises with brilliant affair to the most exhilarating finale, the deepest truth there is, presented to us in the succinct capsule of these few words: “And they lived happily ever after”.

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