Paint The Raindrops With Your Light

In silence I can hear my thoughts dripping, falling one after another; and in silence I observe them. As the sun shines on a summer day, I see small droplets of thoughts, appearing and disappearing by themselves, an endless and most imaginative parade.

I can sit long in a place without yielding so much as an inch, doing nothing. In this space of no-time, I notice that my life unfolds infinitely.

You may think I’m “just sitting” somewhere inert, unmoving, lifeless even – and maybe you are right. Maybe not. I move through time, without sound, as waves of reflective light rays dance rhythmically from my heart, following one another like notes on a page. In this way, all things were made by me. All people are drawn into and out of my life as boats put out to sea must return once again to the pier.

My thoughts drip down like rain from where I sit, while light, emanating from my heart, nourishes them with love, motivating each to expand and multiply in height and width.
Maybe you believe in these raindrops as your very own truth, and perhaps you even believe them to play a significant role in your growth; but I tell you, it’s this glowing channel from my heart to your own that keeps you alive and allows you to heal, my dear.

For the mind can be hardened from raindrops to snow flakes, and even to large hailstones if it were not for the warmth of my love transforming them in each instant to steamed dew once again. Yes, thoughts are fascinating, yet they can also be as devastating as the most efficient terrorist, if you believe in them long enough.

My love vibrates and draws you ever nearer to me – crying out your name and setting your heart to gallop in ecstasy – allowing you to recognize your beauty again in the crystal-clear reflection of everlasting light waves that surround you, angelic messengers sent from my heart of hearts.

You are these very light waves. Does not your memory spasm with joyful remembrance when I say that my heart has conceived you, given you life, and observed your growth with wonder and pride?

I’ve watched you many times – your eyes squinted against the sunlight in curiosity; those bright, inquiring eyes, wondering why the heat from my impassioned heart melts your own with such alarming predictability, softened up and saved yet again after being frozen and harassed by the all-too-familiar blizzard of thoughts.

I hear you, too, even when you whisper with a voice uncertain about love. You might as well be silent, because I’ll still hear your heart-drums, sounding their earth-shaking vibrations of love from the deepest depth.

My dear light wave, you’re not just a single glimmer! But, dressed as you are in all the different shades of the rainbow, you radiate priceless jewels of every color from your mighty shadow.
Shining, you’re the Morning Star, encircling everyone with your precious rays. The small reflective strips of starlight will embrace every soul to remind them that they, too, are of the self-same Essence. I have not created you just to hide your sweet form in the shadows, although even there in the shade I can see you, and my eye falls on you with deepest adoration. Then you might as well throw off all inhibitions and dance! Dance like no one is watching you! Who has beguiled you into believing that you have to fight for your space here on earth? And why should there be any struggle for you to be yourself, in the full Truth of who you are? Why do you try to prove yourself to others? Why masquerade as someone you are not simply to be liked by someone else? Why should you cover in fear of inadequacy, hiding yourself in the shade like that?

Can you not see that all the messages I gave were meant for you and none other? Do you understand that, in actuality, there is no one besides yourself that I love? I don’t expect you to save the world or to prove yourself about anything. I expect nothing of you. My sole desire is that you feel good – loved, fulfilled.

Dear beloved, you deserve all the good that I have created for you with such delicate and direct intent. I have no hidden motive – no intention of harming or hurting you in any way. The joy and the love – these are all yours. I love you more than you realize. Only the very best has been reserved for you.

You certainly do not need to explain yourself to others, or even to yourself. For you are good, and kind throughout. You are all that is needed in order to change others’ perception of themselves, this world and even me. You have not come to be accepted by me because of something you did, or by thinking you had to do something in return for my love. No particularly valiant effort on your part won my heart to reach for your own. It is just by the simple act of being yourself that I am drawn with inexpressible joy to your side. Joy and Love… Come dance in the sun! Let your heart-light shine.

Come, dance in the rain while you paint the raindrops with your light. Let the rainbows appear as flaming portraits of our sweet, sweet love, while we tread carefully upon their soft backs to find our way home to ourselves again. Let the heart sing its song of joy as the droplets fall like daydreams, cooling your rosy cheeks; and let its sensual refrain lead you ever back to your home in my heart, where you dwell forever and ever, in all ways.

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