I Moved On

We never promise each other everlasting love. We both went separate ways, and on some occasion, we might look back to what we briefly had, like our fingers intertwined and that split second we saw in each other souls and called ourselves homes. Although we never promise that we would be forever, and time was ticking away like the beating of our hearts, we left what we once wanted and went for something we thought was more appropriate.

I needed you to detach, and you needed me to hold on, and in between the feelings we had for each other tucked away nicely, we both moved on. I don’t hold on any longer, and you are still detaching. I found you nowhere near my fantasy and my thoughts because it’s like the memories I had with you just faded away with the changing of time. I changed, my mind changed, and my feelings no longer lingers, and like that, I moved on.

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