It takes courage to sit with your loneliness and braveness to dive deep into the void where nothing else or no one else can fill but you. Beneath the exterior and appearance of the face and body, there’s a soul yearning to freed itself from the shackles of the mind, and a longing to shine its light. 

The most profound and meaningful connection I can have is not with anyone else but me. Because only then I can truly feel my wholeness where no one else can complete. Years and years with chasing and wanting a deep connection made me neglected myself, but with time I realize no one can really be there for me 24/7, and people do leave momentarily and for good, while some will for a short time and come back. If I depend on their connection to feel complete and happy I will forever feel lonely, and my longing will reach deeper than the ocean floor. 

Independence is what I strive for, happiness is what I make, and beauty is in my soul. Everything I ever wanted or needed is within me. I can’t look elsewhere but inside my heart and soul, and at times it’s in the gut. My gut tells me, I am fine being alone, and the loneliness I feel is temporary unless I am deeply connected to my own soul, my higher self I will not reach a level of independence and completeness I yearn for my entire life. 

The time is right to leave people be and this time I will stretch my hands towards the sky to receive what’s mine—what always has belonged to me. My independence.

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