Love is Within Me

The gentle cold breeze of autumn’s wind blew through my hair, refreshed my chins, but without being displeased, I felt the warm snuggled me from the inside, and I couldn’t help but smiled.

Long ago, when the rain started to drip from the clouds, I would feel the melancholy swelled up in my heart, and my heart would sink for the sadness it felt. Now years have passed without a trace of my youth, my soul aged with experiences of the life it has lived, and I began to feel the beauty in aging.

Growth demands pain, and wisdom requires suffering, love spring forth from grief. Not once was my tears wasted, and my smiles were worth all the rough days ahead. And throughout the years that past by, I learned to laugh.

Winter is going to cover the land with snow, and the bustling of the town put to silent, during nighttime when snowflakes flutter down from the sky, I know, it’s never too late to fall in love again even when it’s cold, and the frost put nature in sleep.

I don’t need to wait for spring to sense that love is in the air because the love I feel it’s here within me.

Eyes that speaks of love and dreams.

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