Eternal Love

Oh’ how I want to replace my words with the physical touch of my hands on your body. I want it to leave traces of my feelings upon your skin because I have lived too long in my dreams of holding you close to me. You live vividly in my dreams, and in my mind, I never stop constructing our life together. My feelings become words were I write them in my poems as to not forget the vow of our love for each other in my heart.

Lifetimes passed within incarnations, and what we once remember is now a distance memory locked away. Upon our meeting in this life what seemed like dense amnesia, your kiss jolted my cells to remember our eternal love. The intensity of my longing for you was a poignant reminder of our souls intertwined as one, but the separation tore us apart, and my yearning became loneliness.

No words can describe how I feel for you, and no amount of time can erase my love for you. If this life passes by where many seasons come and goes; the aging of this body wither in old age. If I can’t see you for the last time—I hope we will reunite, back home in each other embrace when we get to our destination in another dimension.

I am you; you are me
Into one heart we shall be
Tethered from above
In eternal love

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