Starseed on A Mission

I am a Starseed on a mission
Portal opens, upgrades loading;
I am going through a transition.

I heard the call from afar,
so in human form, I become.
Light years away,
I descended from my home.

Nobody knows I’ve cloaked myself with flesh and bones,
although beneath this vessel
I am only a light being with a butterfly form.

A Venusian like me has walked the earth
life after life with amnesia heavy about;
forgetting the origin of my soul; I fell in doubt.

Darkness reigned for so long, and yet they can’t conquer!
Because God sent his army and the light is here!

Ascended back to my pristine state
Pure as I am, there’s only love in my heart and no room for hate.
Because of a Starseed on a mission,
I am awake to help mother earth through her transition.

As awkward as I feel within,
all people see on the surface is me being a girl.
And yet, here I am, learning my way through the world.

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