We Are Love

The girl with a tender heart and eyes that sparkle the light within
no longer seek for arms to hold, all she cares for is to love uninhibited with her soul.

Her voice was once shaky, almost mute to deaf ears that won’t listen to what goes on in her mind, the inquisition to speak louder and become sovereign can no longer be left behind;
with compassion in her heart, she starts to sing.

La, la, la,
the earth rotates around the sun that stands at one place,
we perceive day as light and dark as night,
but what do we know about the love which we all yearn to find?

Caught in our thinking, we forgot that love is who we are,
maybe it’s time to begin to look within.

La, la, la,
day or night, the stars still shine bright.
Who we are will never change, made from above; we are love.

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