Coming Into The Out Now

If I say, ”I am an alien in a human suit.”
Would you be scared of me?

If I say, ”My name is not only Amaia, but Miracle.” would you believe in me?

I thought to myself last night that I want to come out from the hiding, and embrace my multidimensional self. The origin of my soul is not from Earth. Yes, I was born as a human, but I have always felt I was different and very much alienated while being here on Mother Earth. No matter what I did, whether it was to mask myself like others or tried to fit in, my soul kept crying out in lament over the fact that it felt rejected by me.

I fully am aware that “normal” is the norm for many and more acceptable, but within me, I am just an oddball, and with my awkwardness, I seem to shy away from crowds and large groups of people. I can’t connect with anyone unless it’s a one-on-one conversation. I don’t seek attention and is always happy to be left alone because the wiring of my brain is different than most; I need time to process all the information and stimuli I get from the world. Yes, the INFJ personality describes me well enough, but even how precise it is, I still don’t want to be put in a box.

I have a very delicate and sensitive soul, but my warrior mentality has an enormous strength that kept me going towards the completion of my own ascension.

I have lost count on how many times I asked whoever put me here to bring me home, but I am a Starseed on a mission, and my Higher self has fully merged with me, that I can’t abort my mission and go home without completing the contract I have made when I volunteer and agreed to come on this journey to help Mother Earth and humanity’s ascension process to 5D reality.

I rather call myself a fringe-dweller and a Celestial Starseed than a lightworker, even if I work with the light I still don’t consider myself like any others lightworker, and again I don’t like to be put in a box, but whatever people want to define me; a lightworker, an empath or just a regular INFJ person, it’s their way to make sense of what I do and how I am.

Beneath my exterior as a woman, I am a multidimensional being who is seeking to attain peace and live in harmony with everyone who inhabits Mother Earth.

Just like Oh said in the movie Home; “Can I come into the out now?”

I believe I can, but instead of tearing out my flesh and blood to show you the form and shape of my true self, I will continue wearing my heart on my sleeve and fully accept my human self while being an alien with a delicate and sensitive poetic soul.

And again like Oh, I can’t lie without you notice me changing my “colors,” I won’t turn my shade into a green gremlin, but I will feel agonizing by telling a lie.

Enough saying, I want to share another writing that comes from my Higher Self a long time ago when I started to wake up and integrate with her.

She knows the yearning of her beloved, as well as her own sadness. She desires nothing else for herself -but to be who she truly is. Her royalties and prestige are not of arrogance and ignorance; she never commanded anyone to heed her words. Even though sometimes it may seem otherwise, her command is only a request to strengthen the young heart to know her worth.

There’s nothing she would rather say than to tell you the truth, and the truth is, she is the truth. She’s like an old grandmother who loves her children and grandchildren. At times she is too wise for her own good. But she will rather be dimmed for being cold and carefree than let her beloved repeat the same endless mistake to no avail.

Tell me, is there anybody out there who knows their worth who can see, really see her for who she is, because she has eyes that penetrate the illusion and sees you for who you are, she can see behind your masks and frenzy demeanor. She sees your glorious attributes and innocence being, as her Divine Father God sees her.

Her cold demeanor is a protection shield from those who aren’t aware of what they’re doing to themselves and thus carelessly harming her sensitive heart and soul. She loves herself, yes she does, you might think she’s all self-centered and selfish, but all she does is take care of her own being with charm and wits. She knows herself from the inside out, and it’s without a doubt, that she will be judged for being cold, hard and ruthless, but if you really know her, you will understand she is taking responsibility for her own actions and faults.

She is simple because she knows how important it’s to keep balance and order in her Universe. Her love is selfless and unique. Why would anyone harm her for being who she is? Why would anyone think that she doesn’t love them for who they are? Because the truth is, she doesn’t care how they are or who they become, as long as they’re happy and content with who they are from the inside out and the outside in.

Ah, they overthink, all busy living in their head, forgetting about their heart, analyzing every word she says, every action she takes. They take it way too personally when she stands up for herself and tell them what she wants and needs. She doesn’t demand anything without knowing her worth, because she knows, that’s why she wants to make sure you know it too.

When she kept her silence and refused to talk, it’s not because she has turned her back on you, she wants you to learn your mistake and know your worth. She knows herself better than you know her, that’s why she won’t let you trample on her Heart-Space sanctuary carelessly.

Know your worth! Know your worth! She makes no threats without reason. If you truly know her, you will understand her Divine being, delicate yet determined when she makes up her mind. She has her butterfly essence, and with her butterfly wings, she will truly flee if you’re dishonest and flaky.

“When the butterfly is pinched down. There’s no life.”

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