Enjoyment – I Get To Choose How I Feel

Have you ever asked yourself what you want? “What do I want?” or do you hear your inner voice asking you, “what do you want?”

I always hear my inner voice asking me what I want, and as I know it’s my higher self asking me that question, and when I look back in the past, I never dare to ask for what I want, but the game has changed. When that question pops up in my head, I immediately think of what I want, whether something I want to do or have at the moment it was being asked.

Today the question popped up again, and then I thought long and hard about what I want, and it was nothing complicated, it wasn’t about the materialism, it was merely to enjoy whatever I have. Enjoyment was something I lack in the past because I never had time for myself. I would be too busy helping or saving “the world” that enjoying anything in my life was nearly impossible. I didn’t have the time even to breathe to be enjoying anything.

It’s a feeling I want to have, and it’s enjoyment. I want to enjoy whatever life offers me; time! It’s the time in life that makes it possible for me to experience everything I could have the chance to experience, whether it’s to sit alone doing nothing, washing the dishes, traveling, painting, writing or listening to music. Every little second of whatever I feel like doing or don’t I must enjoy to the maximum because life is too short to be complaining, and if I have the choice to make my needs and wants come true, then I have the option to choose it or not. I can always decide to do or have something else the moment I know what I am doing is not enjoyable, or what I am having is not serving me instead of complaining about it as if I didn’t have a choice. I might not be able to change the situation, but I can always change my feelings towards the situation. And that is the key to what I think is helping me to enjoy life, and it’s to change my thoughts and thus change my feelings.

It’s never too late to begin to think creatively, make plans, or imagine how our future would be like in ten years. We don’t have to go so far in time, maybe deciding what we want to do right here right now will direct us towards the life we want in the future. And when we walk our path to our destination, we might as well enjoy whatever we have right at this moment.

Instead of wanting something we can hold in our hands, or see with our eyes, we can change that perspective to rather imagine how we want to feel with those things. Maybe it’s happiness we want to feel, or it’s peace. Choose a feeling you want to feel and imagine how it would feel like to feel it.

Imagine you already have what you want right now, how would you feel when you have it? Happy? Satisfied? Feel the feeling and keep the imagination alive.

For me, I want to enjoy life more. I want to explore and enjoy the simple things in life. I get to choose how I feel as if everything I want and need is already here, and I enjoy every single thing that is in my awareness, and if I don’t enjoy it, I can choose to focus on something that would give me the feeling I want to feel. Just a simple switch of focus and everything will change.

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