The bad days will come, so will the good times, that’s why whatever I am going through I know it’s for my growth, and I have to endure instead of quitting and leave this life while I still have got time left to make it through the end.

Even if my past wasn’t pretty, I still have the rest of my life to make it beautiful. All the effort I made so far will make it worthwhile, and I know it pays off to be so strong that nothing can break me. My heart breaks daily, but my spirit will never die. The melancholy I feel will fade with time, but as for now, I think it’s beautiful because without sadness I won’t know of joy.

Have you ever thought that we can release our traumas by facing it? It’s ugly and painful, but I think if we let it live in our bodies, mind, and hearts, it will create havoc in our lives. The static noise of it in the background won’t leave us alone until we deal with it.

I am in major transition at the moment by facing the memories of the painful past, which engraved itself in my body for over the past decade or more. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I am sticking back what was once broken. I balmed myself with patience and love for my body to heal, and I hope it won’t take too long until I finally can release everything that needs to be released and liberate myself from the painful memories of the past.

My mind is at peace, but the body is still wounded and facing that has brought rage in my chest, the anger builds itself up, and I couldn’t even cry over it since my mind like a calming sea, clear and tranquil don’t let me shed tears anymore.

I looked up to the sky and wonder if all the tears I have cried
would stain my heart or cleanse my soul.
Is it alright to wish upon the star for dreams to come true
instead of making a life by living the truth?
All I have got is the strength to carry me

through the hard days where all seems hopeless,
but with faith in my heart, I told myself to endure.

The phase I am going through now will propel me into a brighter future, so for now, I will endure and do what I can to surrender to this process and follow through the healing session.

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