The Beauty in Being Silent

Like the tree, my roots are planted deep into the earth, but still, I long to go home to where I belong. My eyes gaze towards the sky where heaven reside, where stars aligned and far far away, I know home is waiting for me, too.

In the past, I wish to connect deeply with another soul as if she was a part of me, but as time passed, my desire changed. The need for someone to love me become a distant past as if all I ever wanted was to meet myself in the naked truth of who I am, so I can be able to love every broken piece I thought was impossible to heal.

I have never thought that so much beauty existed within me. I didn’t realize that all it takes was to spend my time in solitude, remain silent, care for myself and give myself a second chance to make it up for the time I spent on people who obviously didn’t know how to love themselves to love me—to find the love that I longed for in such a long time within myself.

“All it takes is a glance. Eyes that speak the unspoken words.”

If I could, I would not utter a word, but live in complete silence and write every feeling that wants to be expressed through my fingertips. There’s so much that going on in my heart; the beauty of love that I experience by being for myself in silent, the music that I’m listening to, the scenery that I’m seeing, every touch, every footstep I gently place upon Mother Earth; my existence. I will find a way to make it beautiful. And all that I will do in complete silence.

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