Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

What goes through your mind when you look yourself in the mirror? What are your thoughts? Do you only look at your face and frown? Or do you see yourself in the eyes and see your pupil dilated in attraction?

In the past, when I looked in the mirror I hated myself, my pupils didn’t dilate, there were no love and attraction. I found many faults about my face; the pimples, my small eyes, and my wavy, curly hair. I never think highly about myself, never put any importance in how much beauty there was, but only ugliness.

I never thought that looking in the mirror and affirm that I love myself was so important, not until I found Louise L. Hay. She taught me to practice telling how much I love myself when I look myself in the eyes in the mirror. At first, it was super awkward, I couldn’t even say I love you out loud to anyone else, but telling myself that was far fetched. I tried a couple of times, but eventually, I gave up, because as more I looked at my body in the mirror, I hated myself, even more, it was so hard affirming that I love myself. I thought I was my body, and it was too slim, too skinny, and too fragile; I thought to myself. And because people around me always affirmed to me that I was too thin as a toothpick, or they would joke that I would be blown away by the wind. That statement and jokes stuck in my subconsciousness and became a belief which destroyed my self-confidence.

I thought that mirrors shouldn’t even exist, we spend most of our lives staring into the mirrors finding faults about our appearance, and if you were like me back then, you must know how it feels like to not loving yourself enough to feel the attraction to your appearance. It’s nothing sexually, but it’s actually sexy to be able to fall in love with who you are that when you look yourself in the eyes, you can genuinely say, “I love you,” without feeling awkward.

Well, try it for yourself, stand in front of the mirror, and see for yourself. What thoughts and beliefs do you have about yourself when you say, “I love you.” Awkwardness? Could you feel proud? Or a shame?

If you don’t practice self-love, you will not be able to love anyone and even receive love from others. Those who genuinely love you will be blocked since you might not believe that you deserve their love, and you also could be afraid to lose those who aren’t that genuine towards you, gives you a little affection, but make you confuse and miserable most times.

I hope you will find the time when you are ready and watch/listen to this youtube video of Louise L. Hay.

I wish you a great day.

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