How I Define Success

Success is not having many followers, attention from a lot of people, whether from men or women. It’s not about money in your bank account or own valuable things. Success is about how peaceful you feel inside yourself and be the peace you wish to see in the world.

It’s how you carry yourself, how you act around people; your kindness and politeness; being neutral and diplomatic at the same time so confident that nothing can disturb you and make you feel insecure about yourself.

It’s not about how much money you earn and your carrier choice. Whatever job you have as long as you give the best of yourself, having the decency to live a decent life; doing what you know in your heart is right; not covering yourself with masks, pretending to be someone you are not.

Success is to be so empowered and is still soft and have a kind heart. And most of all, to show your vulnerability; being strong is not faking happiness, but always be able to show emotions gracefully.

That’s how I define success.

Status, money, and power can only be amplified by how authentic, and honest you are, having integrity, or else those things won’t impress anyone, your attitude about how you see life is way more impressive; even when you have gone through tragedy and was wounded. How you rise and share your light will show in the way you carry yourself.

You are only here to impress yourself and become better than your past self; becoming someone, you are meant to be.

Don’t let other’s definition of success pressure you to be like them, be your own beautiful self, be your uniqueness, and original.

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