Nothing Last, Except Love.

Nothing truly last in this world, even time can’t be turned back, regrets can’t be undone, the past will remain in the past and what you have are memories which either haunt you or make you feel like you could go back and relive it once again.

Looking back from where I was, I have grown exceptionally after what I have gone through, all the experiences I have had, but I don’t think the past shape me, but instead it revealed to me who I was meant to be. Although my past was not pretty and even how tragic it was, I couldn’t have it any other way, because I can’t change it anyway, and wishing it was different is a waste of time.

The best I can do now is to look ahead and focus on what I want my future to be like, and appreciate that I still am alive to be able to make things right for myself. Gone are the days of insecurities of who I am and what I want. All the effort I put in to make my life beautiful, living as if it’s my last time here on earth will eventually pay off.

A mind is a powerful tool, so whatever you feed it, it will either make you healthy physically and emotionally or weakens you until you can’t take it anymore, your soul will take over and gently ask you to make changes and heal all past wounds.

Declutter the mind is also beneficially for your overall health because there are things you haven’t been able to let go, and as time pass everything that hasn’t been dealt with will get stuck in your system and become stagnate emotions.

I have been there and done that, that’s why I always spend my time alone to go through old beliefs which I know doesn’t serve me anymore and let it go. It helped me to keep balance, and also to stay healthy.

Self-love requires you to nurture yourself, and take care of yourself which no one else can do for you because even how much we wish to be entangled as one with our partner, we are still in two separate bodies, taking care of ourselves will benefit everyone who is involved in our lives.

Look back at the past if you must, but don’t dwell there for too long, because the time you have now is the only time you have got to live. Stay in gratitude for everything that you have; even your life is precious. And when it’s your time, you will bloom, and the love you have for everyone in your life will last because nothing truly lasts, except for love.

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